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Thread: Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

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    Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

    The costs of makeup are exorbitant. To have the ‘right look’ you must buy the right mascara, blush, concealer, eye shadow, and lip gloss- just for a start. Before you actually start applying makeup, you also have to use the right facial cleanser, and your eye lash curler. At some point, the amount of money and time spent on maintaining your look is just too much. There are ways to look beautiful without makeup. By transitioning to a life spent without applying makeup, you can save a great deal of time and money.

    Eat Right:
    The first step to look good without makeup is to start eating healthily. All those people who said that beauty is on the inside were right. Eating healthily can help your skin to look its best and you to feel your best. Make sure to eat a diet high in anti oxidants for their anti-aging properties and drink your 8 glasses of water a day.

    Vaseline is a wonder cream for your body. For a couple of dollars, you now have something that suits multiple purposes. Vaseline can obviously be used to help you keep healthy, shiny lips, but it also can be used in another way. Try putting a little bit on your eyelashes. Not only does it make them appear longer and glossier, but it also helps to protect your eyelashes and help them grow!
    Face Lotion:
    Make sure you find the face lotion that is right for your face. The one I use makes my skin look young and healthy without giving me zits and costs a mere five dollars. Sometimes the more expensive products are not always the best so make sure to do your research and check out all of your options.

    Along with face lotion, make sure that you are using the right hair products for your hair. Rather than spend a lot of time curling it or straightening it, try letting it just have the natural look. If you are using the right product for your hair, it should still have a gorgeous and healthy shine to it.

    A great deal of money is spent by makeup companies that are intended to make women feel like they must have the latest cream or eye shadow to look beautiful. The truth is that if you are beautiful makeup will only enhance your beauty slightly. It is far better for you abstain from makeup and eat healthily than it is to pile of foundation. Even with the best lotions, using a lot of makeup can really do harm to your skin over time. If you want to look beautiful without makeup, try these simple tips and your skin will thank you for it

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    Okay, with this one I am not a girl so I cannot comment much on this post but my wife is so I always see her applying moisturizer every day and I think she glows well with that without putting any makeup at all. Probably, it is because she knows that applying too much makeup can harm her face so she didn't feel like wearing any.

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    Great post. Thanks for sharing...

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    Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

    Thanks for sharing this one is very helpful

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