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Thread: Divorce Procedure In India

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    I am a british citizen and got married to this Indian guy in India last year. It was an arranged marriage but I have been speaking to the boy over the net for couple of months before the wedding.

    After the wedding, I was in India for about a week and came here. I sent him all the sponsor letters and everything so he can apply and join me here. However he did not apply and did not speak to me ever since. My family has been in contact with them initially to resolve the issue. This was back in April 2007. But after that the boy did a runner to Australia on student visa without telling me anything. He is not even talking to me or willing to talk to me but keep talking about divorce. So I finally decided to get divorce as well and asked him to file the petition.

    The big problem now is he is not filling the petition in India. The solicitor which I hired was intially talking big things but now asking me to do all the paperwork and submit the petition. I doubt he has been bribed from the boy side in India.

    I have not got time to go over there and sort out. I also do not have any relatives there who can sort this out. I am not fimilar with Indian laws. so instead I would like to sort this out here.

    Can someone please tell me if I can file for the divorce here? We got married back in Feb-07 and stayed together for about a week. Since then we have not lived together or talked over the phone. If I have to file the petition, I do not want him to blame on me sahing it's all my fault and claim compentation from me.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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    The best option is o contact Indian Embassy in UK and tell them the issue. They will surely help you out in getting divorce. As per the Indian Law, if you a living seperately for over an year and are mutually agreed to get divorce, you can apply for it. For your situation, Pls contact Indian High Commision and they will be able to help you out.

    Contact me at: [email]cooldude23dec@gmail.com[/email]

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    temp, cooldude is right. You should contact Indian Embassy and you will get help from it.

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    Please do not wait any longer to seek a lawyer in UK.
    You do not have to deal with Indian Laws. As long as you've been living in UK for atleast 1 year before proceeding the divorce you qualify to file for divorce petition in UK.
    Decree will be sent to your spouse. Even if you can't locate your spouse, you can still get a divorce.
    You can get over this mess in about 3-4 months.

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    Hi there,

    I can suggest a FAST TRACK MUTUAL CONSENT divorce as you have more than one year saperate time..



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    Hello there temp,

    Can you tell me what happen to you, Did you get divorced or you're still waiting to get divorced. I would like to help you with the few contacts to help you about the divorce please do reply me back.

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