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Thread: Friendly relation with childrens

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    Hi, As we all are living in modern world, every one has the right to live his|her life in own way. Today every teen has girl friend and boy friend. Every one needs personal cell phone. If we do not fulfill their desires they become rebellous. I want to know that can parents and childens maintain a healthy friendly relation in personal matters? Or generation gap hinders such relation. What are the positive effects if parents maintain such kind of relation with their childrens.

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    It is good to maintain a healthy friendly relation with childrens. If such kind of relation exists between parents and childrens they:

    *Respect their parents feelings.
    *Becomes more responsible.
    *Try to understand things easily.

    It also helps in overall development of of teenagers. They can easily contact their parents in difficult situations.

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    Try to become their friends, spend time with them on weekends.

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