We believe that most of the candidates have potential to become an IAS officer. But they miss the golden gate of their career to due to lack of proper guidance & environment. We bridge the gap between such youths & their dreams. Our right guidance channelizes their energies in right direction at right time. Our meticulously designed program & expert guidance provide them stimuli to develop their potentialities into realities. Taking all aspects into consideration, we have architectured a solid platform from where one can start his journey to “IAS”. We have unparallelly high success rate. The high success rate is not a miracle but a science to us. Our program can produce & reproduce results.
IAS exams include a number of All India & Central Services of ‘A’ & ‘B’ grades. Now-a-days the total number of seats for these services are around 1000. These vacancies are generally advertised in Jan/Feb every year. Around 4.5 lakhs candidates apply for these vacancies. Around 2.75 lakhs appear in the exams. Out of these around 1000 candidates are recommended for final appointment.
IAS (Indian Administrative service) is the most reputed Jobs in India Country. The Officers of this respected Civil service are recruited through Civil service examination (called IAS) conducted by UPSC. IAS service though has incomparable power associated with it, it also brings numerous responsibilities. For example, An IAS officer (and also officers of other reputed civil service like IFS, IPS) has to be diplomatic enough to understand and manage the situations that arise in the civil services on a regular basis.
The Civil Service Exam includes 3 levels, which is the reason it's a really difficult and at the same time essentially the most preferred examination within the entire country. The earliest step is the Preliminary stage, generally referred to as Prelims or even CSAT. The IAS CSAT is carried out in May each year. Following the latest modifications to the Preliminary Syllabus the non-compulsory papers for the CSAT are now eliminated and therefore the Preliminary now consists of a couple of mandatory subjects of two hundred marks each common to all the applicants.

Civil services are no bed of roses. Thus the UPSC takes full care in recruitment of the officers that'll manage the steel frame of the country. There job is to fit the Right man into the Right job and they are experts in doing it. There are a few qualities that are being looked for in the candidate during selection process. This is the reason why the success rate is so low in this exam. Thousands of students compete every year for getting into prestigious civil services, but only about less than a hundred make it.
In order to be successful, a candidate firstly has to make a right concept in mind about this exam. Success is not very far if preparation is done on a regular basis. Structurally preparing for every stage brings the candidate to some milestone in the first attempt itself (or even may go through). Provided that the new pattern of the IAS exam is likely to give importance to younger candidates with sharp and agile mind and dedication as the aptitude factor is the sole criteria now to judge candidates in the prelims exam.
Consulting any senior and successful candidate, Reading the toppers testimonials and going through previous IAS exam papers is always helpful for developing the right concept. It's not necessary to cover the entire syllabus in the exam, because the expectations of UPSC are not possible to overcome in real sense. But candidate needs to analyze his strengths and then to focus upon them to facilitate his success in this exam rather than trying to prepare everything.