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Thread: Lost Passport - Please help me - Urgent

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    Re: Procedure for new passport in place of lost/stolen passport in IndiaHi,

    I got my passport issued in Andhra Pradesh in the year 2007 February. But i have lost the same in 2007 December. So i went to near by police station and got the reciept from the police station that i have lost my passport. I got all the documents required to reapply for the lost passport by may 2008. But for my job sake i came to chennai and i dont have time to apply for it in Andhra Pradesh. Now currentli i am working in Chennai and its been one year i am staying here.

    So , My question is that can i apply for the lost passport in Chennai ?

    Please help me in this as it is very needful to me now.

    Bharat. K

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    Dont worry about your PP.You can apply for fresh one to get it in just 20days in Chennai.If you need any help n assistance,plz write me at [email]mrk.global@yahoo.co.in[/email].

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