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Thread: Roommate Pranks for Halloween

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    These are some of the pranks to scare away your bullying or couch potato roommate that really worked for me last Halloween. Alternate the pitch of your voice when talking to your roommate or start speaking in different tongues randomly. Twitch every now and then and pretend to talk when you sleep. If you can learn to levitate or use science and technology to make the illusion of levitation, it will really make your roommate pray to God and cry for mercy. Carry an unplugged landline phone and pretend to talk on it and smile all the time. Even when you are studying, going to toilet or changing your bed sheet. Make that grin a fixed expression on your face, even when you are arguing about something. Well these pranks helped me to get rid of the most stouthearted and bullying roommate ever, so best of luck!

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    Hi lynch,

    Here's a simple prank that is always good for some cheap laughs. Place an object on the floor where you know someone will bend over to pick it up. This object could be a book, an important looking envelope, a purse, etc. Position yourself nearby with some scraps of cloth that tear easily with a noisy rip. You can also use a strip of velcro to create the tearing sound. The prank is simple. Just wait until the mark bends over to pick up the object. As with many pranks, the timing is critical. At the precise moment that the mark bends over, rip the cloth. You'll be surprised at how many people reach around immediately checking for rips.

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    There is the funny one which Halloween night when she send out for trick or treat we stuck a glowing stickers in our room I must say even I got scared for a min. we stuck a scary glowing women poster opposite to her bed and when she turned out the lights the sticker we stuck started to glow and she started to scream. please be careful with what you do, play safe.

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