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Thread: My son is not interested in his studies at all

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    My son is 11 years old and he read 6th standard in JD Tytler School. He is not interested in his studies at all and wants to play all the time and non stoped wathcing TV.

    Also he is very slow in writing. Maybe he is not concentrating in the class. Always he is the last person to finish in the class.

    I am motivating him and speak to him often about this.But he just doesn't seem to understand. How should I make him more interested in studies?

    He is unable to understand teachers language and way of teaching.

    Plz. help me

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    I can empathise with you dear. Believe me, most of the parents and children go through this phase in some stage. I would suggest that you have a set time-table for TV. Viewing should be done only after finishing studies. Keep the TV locked or hide the remote. Be assertive while passing this message. Tell him stories about what people achive when they study and what they dont if they don't concentrate. Have loads of patience. Its important to make him understant.

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    Hi Amita,

    Be positive. Many kids undergo a phase where in they feel they can't take any more of the sudies/ academc load.

    If you have already spoken to him / motivated him to do well there is nothing more you can do except wait and watch,,

    TV has become the easiest source of entertainment these days. Cut off your cable tv...Encourage him to finish his study work before he steps out..

    Nagging him about what he learnt in school, how he fared in his exams will make him more rebellious..

    Talk to his teachers about his performance.

    The School Managements and teachers strictly follow timetables in schools but the students are seldom helped to frame their home study timetables. Proper time management can help the students learn better in shorter time.
    So teach him the importrance of Time management..

    Give him time to come out of this state...See if there is any specific reason for his aversion to studies...

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    Dear Amita
    Parents are usually fault-finders! They have their own dreams and want to have them fulfilled by their children.
    Take a little time to understand the problems of your child.
    Children get interest in studies only when it is created. Children never show interest in studies unless they understand properly what is taught.
    You says, "he is very slow in writing. Maybe he is not concentrating in the class. Always he is the last person to finish in the class."
    From this statement, it is clear that your child is facing some problems such as deafness or weak eye-sight. Deafness may be because of depositing ear-wax. You have to consult a doctor and have him checked up. Whether it is deafness or weak eye-sight or both made your child a slow leaner.
    And your over ambition is a harassment for your child at home and be a slow-leaner is humiliation at school. This situation makes him rebellious. You see your words " he just doesn't seem to understand."
    Stop your convincing and motivating him, please.
    Now, take the right step! Consult a doctor. You can see changes very soon. Jesus may bless you!
    C.V Cherian M.A ;M.Ed

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    Dear Amita,
    I can understnd what u r going through as i am in the smae boat. My son aged 10 just hates to study. He writes fast but his handwriting is so poor. I am also at my wits end trying to motivate him to study. Pl pass on some motivating tricks to me also.

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    Take him to a psychologist. Ha may have ADHD and needs all the support he can get.

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