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Thread: My 15-year-old is fascinated by space and the works

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    Oct 2008
    He keeps talking about being an astronaut and walking on moon . Is there any way I can groom him in this aspect?

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    Are you sure that you want your son to become an astronaut? I am asking you this, because in India the scope of studying astronomy is very limited. You need to send your son abroad for getting a degree. Moreover, ISRO hasn't yet planned of sending any human to space. So, your son has to get into NASA for the training and thereby to fulfill his ambition. It's a very uncertain field you are asking your son to step into. Why don't you consider conventional options like MBA or Microbiology or Medical which have a wider scope in India and also a lot of money?

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    I understand your concern Sunil. But then difficulty is there in any field of work. We shouldn't be running away from it.
    Jennifer, since your child is only 14-year old, my only advice would be to let him focus on his studies, especially mathematics and science. Also, I hope he does a lot of proactive reading on space and astronomy. This will help him in widening his scope of knowledge.
    Also you might send your son to a space camp. There's one I know of : [url]http://spacecampindia.com/[/url]. Check out the website. Your son can go to the US Space and Rocket Centre at Huntsville and get hands-on astronaut training there. Through this he will not only be exposed to the practical aspects of being an astronaut, but you can also figure out if he has the right aptitude for this field. I think it'll be a nice stepping stone for your son's career.

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    I am agree with u Arun, because there is a tough competition in every field.
    and u gave some beneficial tips to Jenifer, and i'd suggest her to follow them and she should also try to know her son's other favourite activities.
    All the best! (Y)

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    Astronomy is a very interesting subject and has various branches and is quite vast..

    If your son is showing a lot of interest in it . develop his interest and see what are the options available for him in that area.. Its not like he can rightaway be an astronaut and fly in to space.. Get to know what aspect of astronomy interests him..

    It can also be a passion and not a career for what you know..

    You should be proud that your son has interest in a different field and is not part of the regular grind...

    Nurture his interests..

    Please go thro this link and see if it helps you



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