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Thread: Parenting - Childs Aggressive Behavior

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    Why? Because they are unable to compromise or reason, and by throwing teddy or other objects is much the same as throwing the tennis ball.

    We as parents need to change this behavior as soon as possible by firstly talking to the child, explaining his aggressive behavior is a concern, and then explain to your child the acceptable behavior expected in the future.

    Parents need to work together with the same rules and be consistent to enforce the guidelines, to ensure your child is on the way to appropriate behavior.

    Note: If your child's aggressive behavior continues and seems to be controlling his daily play and is disruptive to friends, family members and yourself, seek a professional opinion and advice

    Prevention Is The Cure!!!

    Keeping a close eye on playtime with friends. Put a stop to any aggressive behavior that may be present in the playtime, so as the child is not learning to display the same behavior in the future.

    Don't Be The Aggressive Role Model…!

    The age-old expression of monkey see monkey do, comes into play here.

    If our children see us hitting or throwing things around while we are angry, they then get the idea that this behavior is acceptable because mum and dad do it, so for our children to change, we the parents must also change and be the responsible roll model.

    Explain Why Aggression Is Not Acceptable…

    To help your child realise how hurtful aggressive behavior can be for both sides, the aggressor and the victim, and how that type of behavior hitting, kicking, biting or bulling can make the other child feel.

    Other Ways To Solve The Problem…

    When aggressive behavior begins, talk to your child let him know there is other ways to deal with this unacceptable behavior, such as asking for help, letting someone know the problem instead of getting angry.

    Positive Rewards…

    Praise your child when getting along with others, like playing fairly, taking turns or sharing, always be definite about what you're praising.

    The more you praise your child with positive attention the more positive behavior will be repeated.

    Keep It In The Past…

    If you keep telling your child about their earlier incident doesn’t teach them acceptable behavior, because it then reminds the child how to be aggressive again.

    Time Out…

    If the aggressive behavior continues, further steps are needed and Time Out may be necessary, to reinforce your message with their behavior not being accepted.

    What Not To Do…

    There are two things to remember that you don't do: Firstly, don’t use aggression to stop aggression.

    Hitting your child or any other physical contact with your child will only teach your him to do the same to others in the same way.

    Secondly: don’t let off steam when your child does, getting angry with your child when he hits only proves he can use aggression to have power over you.

    Article Author: Gen Wright

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    True Lines boss!!!!

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