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Thread: Ah! Not again, not another power cut!

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    Exams around the corner and these irritating power cuts! I am fed up of this, feel like blasting the electricity guys coz they donít have exams. But there is good news  . My mom bought me a lamp. Thanks to BPL, I can now study for 6 hours without any breakdown and I donít have headaches any more.

    You can check this out:


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    It was really sad to have power cuts during exams as this is the time to put all our efforts in to our studies to score gud marks and to make people proud with our performance. rest i hope that u will still score gud marks in ur exams even with the lamp ur mom bought for it.. best wishes.. (anonymous.gemini@gmail.com)

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    I think bangalore might as well shut down in a couple of years.. The power cuts are really horrible/ unscheduled and if your building has a DG then the buzzing is sure to irritate you.. I mean even midnight they have power cuts and the bescom is known to take bribes...

    Never came across this sort of a crisis in any city..

    Lets hope for the best..

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