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Thread: Should I let my 15-year-old travel alone to the US?

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    My son has heard of a Space Camp in US for which one of his friends have already enrolled. Since he has a keen interest in astronomy, he wants to attend the camp too. It seems that the children there will be given hands-on astronaut training. Moreover, he said he would get to interact with veteran astronauts and NASA representatives. Though it looks like a promising program to me, yet I am a bit apprehensive about letting my son travel all by himself to the US.
    Has anyone been to such camps before? Should I allow him to attend the camp. Please advice me what to do.....

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    Arun it'll be a great opportunity for your son to attend this type of camp.
    If the camp is taking up the responsiblity of children visiting there then there is no problem to let your son attend that camp.

    You must take care of it.

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    Please confirm the geniuenity of the Camp and Organizers. Talk to them on the Phone. It will be better if you confirm the Genuenity by checking it with US Embassy or Consulate.

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